Design is as War
The graphical map in the cover of this publication arranges correlations between design and war along a time-line of the past 100 years.
The publication is split in two parts, namely Design is War and Design as War.
Along the writing comparisons are made between the making of design and the making of war.
The first part of the book will argue in which sense design on the long run and as an industry generates destruction.
The second part of the publication is introduced with an algorithmic analysis of website-about texts from the past 5 years Design Academy Eindhoven alumni. The gathered information gave insights into the eager of designers to change the given, collectively, positively and sensitively through their practice. This positioning is understood as crucial to how destructive forces of design itself can be transformed by its very own practitioners, designers – trained in generating change. The how to approach this change is the ongoing drive for this quest. Collective consciousness, inclusiveness and a more political understanding of design as a practice might be key-elements to shift its destructive settings.

© Isabel Mager, 2016, all rights reserved.